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Companies utilizing AWS gain a competitive edge

Our recognition as an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner showcases the excellent quality of SmartOSC’s expertise when it comes to international standards and good practices associated with software services and solutions.

Software advancements, new tools, extensive products, and unparalleled reliability make AWS a no-brainer for many businesses who desire flexibility and growth in equal standing. SmartOSC is your partner in establishing or expanding your AWS capabilities. Whatever your cloud computing needs are, we’re excited to take on the project.

  • Unrivaled cloud computing

    The sheer volume of services and sub-services is overwhelming. And AWS delivers on each one – we trust them as our technology partners to serve our clients.

  • A platform for every business

    There is something for everyone on AWS. Startups, large eCommerce operations, or government agencies benefit from high levels of reliability and security and the opportunity to diversify their technology and capabilities. It’s highly adaptable, if complex, platform.

  • Global support, global solutions

    Migrating to AWS is straightforward, too. The documentation and community support, not to mention the skill of SmartOSC’s certified solution architects, ensures successful data transfer and integration with your existing systems.

  • We're AWS Advanced Tier partner for a reason

    We consistently deliver high-quality work that improves our clients' growth, profits, and competitive edge.

  • Crafting custom AWS architecture

    Our offer precise planning and agile deployment, preparing infrastructure and applications for peak performance.

  • Easy scaling, easy growth

    With AWS, we curate a targeted list of solutions that you require - and offers new ways to expand your capabilities.

  • Always yes

    No matter your challenge or complex technical requirements, our answer is always to provide solutions for your goal.

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