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FuPay is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle management platform that enables young millennials to gain a comprehensive understanding of their cash flow requirements. It combines contemporary money management techniques with the capacity to access Buy Now Pay Later services across all lifestyle categories, including essential expenses like groceries and household bills. Additionally, users can explore personalized savings and rewards through the platform.


Fupay offers three BNPL features: Fu Card, Fu Cash, and Fu Bills. The Fu Card is a digital card that can be loaded with any amount of money from $20 to $500 and used anywhere. You may have up to $200 deposited into your Fu Cash account, which you can use however you want. If you use Fu Bills, you can have Fupay cover the cost of a bill up to $500 if it can be paid using BPAY.

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  • Scope of work

    User Engagement, Conversion Rates, Revenue Scaling, Brand Visibility, System Design, Backend Development, QR Code Payment, UI/UX Design

  • Technology

    JavaScript (JS), Shopify, API, QR Code Payment

  • Project Case

    FuPay, a fintech startup, aimed to enhance user engagement, boost conversion rates, scale revenue, and improve brand visibility. The project included logo integration and QR code payment solutions.

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Targeted solutions for

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    Enhancing User Engagement

    FuPay, a rapidly growing fintech startup, faced the critical challenge of increasing user engagement on their platform. They needed a solution that would make their app more appealing to users, encouraging them to interact more frequently with the platform.

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    Improving Conversion Rates

    In addition to user engagement, FuPay sought to boost conversion rates significantly. This meant increasing the number of users who not only visited the platform but also completed desired actions, such as making purchases or transactions.

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    Scaling Revenue

    The ultimate business challenge for FuPay was to scale their platform's revenue. To achieve this, they needed to find a way to not only engage users and increase conversion rates but also to generate more income through the platform, be it through transaction fees or other revenue streams.

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    Brand Visibility Enhancement

    A key element of addressing these challenges was to enhance the visibility and prominence of FuPay's branding across critical sections of their platform, including the Home, Product Catalog, and Shopping Cart screens. This branding would not only increase brand recognition but also build trust with users, encouraging them to engage more and complete transactions.

  • 5

    Comprehensive Project Scope

    The project's scope was ambitious and encompassed multiple aspects, including System and Database Design, Backend and Frontend Development, UI/UX Design, Template Development for the App, Creation of a Store-front Landing Page, Business Analysis, Go-Live Support, and Ongoing Production Assistance. This broad scope added complexity to the project, requiring careful planning and execution.


Our tools for success

  • Seamless Logo Integration

    In the initial phase, the primary objective was to make it effortless for merchants to incorporate FuPay's branding into their online stores. This involved creating a downloadable JavaScript (JS) file for the Shopify platform, dynamically displaying FuPay's marketing materials, including the logo, on key pages. This not only enhanced brand visibility but also supported the goal of increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

  • QRCode Payment Integration

    The second phase focused on advancing the FuPay integration to empower merchants with the capability to facilitate "pay with FuPay" transactions using QR codes. This was a critical step in scaling FuPay's revenue by making transactions more seamless and convenient for users. The development of an API and collaboration with Shopify were essential components of this phase, addressing both the user engagement and revenue scaling challenges.

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