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Open Pay

Openpay has been a leading provider of payment services across AU & NZ since 2013. Their strongly differentiated ‘Buy now. Pay smarter.’ (BNPS) solution leverages their powerful technical platform, and provides the most flexible plans in the market, in industries where they can make a real difference, across Home Improvement, Healthcare, Auto Repair / Service, Memberships and Education as well as Retail.

  • Client Name

    Open Pay

  • Scope of work

    Purchase Flow, Refund Processes, Spending Limits, Order Status Management.

  • Technology

    BNPL Integration, BigCommerce

  • Project Case

    SmartOSC addressed challenges in creating a seamless purchase flow, robust refund system, configurable spending limits, and efficient order status management for a multi-brand retail client.


Targeted solutions for

  • 1

    Streamlined Purchase Flow

    The need to create a seamless purchase process was driven by the challenge of delivering a user-friendly experience to the multi-brand retail client's diverse customer base.

  • 2

    Comprehensive Refund Processes

    Crafting a robust refund system was essential to address the challenge of ensuring a hassle-free returns process, crucial for customer satisfaction.

  • 3

    Configurable Spending Limits

    The challenge of accommodating a wide range of customer budgets required the implementation of flexible spending limits, catering to the multi-brand retail client's clientele.

  • 4

    Online Order Status Management

    Efficient order status management was essential to meet the challenge of enhancing operational efficiency for the multi-brand retail client, ensuring timely order processing and delivery.


Our tools for success

  • In-Depth Product Understanding

    SmartOSC took the time to thoroughly understand OpenPay's BNPL solution, ensuring that the integration was perfectly aligned with its unique features and requirements.

  • Expert eCommerce Integration

    Leveraging their experience in eCommerce and platform integrations, SmartOSC developed connectors that seamlessly integrated OpenPay with the BigCommerce platform. This included functionalities for applications, credit assessments, approvals, and account management.

  • Scalable and Future-Ready

    The integration was designed to be scalable, future-ready, and capable of adapting to the evolving needs of OpenPay and their multi-brand retail client.

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